23 October 2016

Here's a comparison of the GasPatch turnbuckles and the smaller ones I made using tubing and an RB Motion 0.20" bras hex nut.

11 October 2016

Roden 1/32 Nieuport 28

11 September 2016

Home-made turnbuckles.

Home-made turnbuckles for a 1/32 Nieuport 28.  They're made from a 0.2" brass hex nut from RB Motion sandwiched between two short (1mm) lengths of MFH 0.4mmOD tubing.  The "rigging wires" are 0.15mm "invisible thread" monofilament.  The tubing lightly grips the thread, and needs a thing cyanoacrylate glue to hold it all together before the excess monofilament is trimmed.  I hadn't done that when I took the photo'.

04 September 2016

I'm just using my blog space to put up some photo's.  Since I lost my server space at Westnet, I need to put up some photo's that I can then share on different discussion groups.