05 May 2010

Not Neues Sudland, but...

Things are still rather busy and while I haven't been working on my Imagi-nation, I have been working on my historical SYW figures. And I even managed to have a couple of games! At the moment my armies consist of 1570 painted figures, which gives me:

  • 20 Infantry battalions (53 figures each)

  • 4 light infantry 1/2 battalions (27 figures each)

  • 6 heavy cavalry squadrons (28 figures each)

  • 3 light cavalry squadrons (27 figures each)

  • 10 artillery batteries (11 figures, 2 guns and 2 limbers each)

  • 43 staff and escorts
Bloody generals and staff always manage to make jobs up and bloat their numbers..... Pictures of the painted units can be seen at my site, http://members.westnet.com.au/DalGavan/syw.htm and http://members.westnet.com.au/DalGavan/syw2.htm


View of the Prussian line from the Russian flank.

The Austrians advance

Prussians await the Russian onslaught.
Phil Barlow's Poitou advancing.