14 June 2010

Herrschaden troops support Prussia!

In this weekend's game the Direktorate of Herrschaden's troops made their first appearance. Monte Christoan mercenaries, light horse and a 1/2 battery lent their support to Frederick II's forces in attempting to consolidate his hold on Silesia. The game ended in a draw, night fall bringing an end to the game before the Austro-Hungarian and Russian forces could destroy the agressor's host.

Posted for posterity's sake are the photo's of the first battle in which the Herrschaden troops fought.

Monte Christoan infantry in the Direktorate's service.

The Light Horse return to the fight.

Rizhskiy take on the enemy cavlry

It was a hard fought battle. The Russian Rizhskiy Horse Grenadiers covered themselves in glory, destroying the Prussian Billerbeck Hussars and mauling the Herrschaden Light Horse and Prussian von Zeithen Hussars before succumbing to superior numbers.

The failed Prussian assault on the town.

Soon the first photo's of the Neues Sudland International Assistance team will take the field.


05 May 2010

Not Neues Sudland, but...

Things are still rather busy and while I haven't been working on my Imagi-nation, I have been working on my historical SYW figures. And I even managed to have a couple of games! At the moment my armies consist of 1570 painted figures, which gives me:

  • 20 Infantry battalions (53 figures each)

  • 4 light infantry 1/2 battalions (27 figures each)

  • 6 heavy cavalry squadrons (28 figures each)

  • 3 light cavalry squadrons (27 figures each)

  • 10 artillery batteries (11 figures, 2 guns and 2 limbers each)

  • 43 staff and escorts
Bloody generals and staff always manage to make jobs up and bloat their numbers..... Pictures of the painted units can be seen at my site, http://members.westnet.com.au/DalGavan/syw.htm and http://members.westnet.com.au/DalGavan/syw2.htm


View of the Prussian line from the Russian flank.

The Austrians advance

Prussians await the Russian onslaught.
Phil Barlow's Poitou advancing.