07 February 2009

10th Regiment of Foot "Canungra"

Dark blue facings, white metal buttons and white hat lace.

Formed on 01 January 1724 from militia companies in and around The Springs and by recruitment in western Germany. Service in the Dead Heart and western Germany (2nd Battalion while in French service). Brigaded with the 6th REGT of Foot. Garrison: The Springs (1st Battalion), Goldfields (2nd Battalion).


  1. I'm glad that you've joined us with a blog!

    -- Jeff

  2. Greetings from His Most Holy Prince, King Phillip I of The Holy Kingdom Of New Wales.
    It is his highness' sincere hope that we may share this great island in peace.

  3. best wishes from Saschen-Vindow and Tradgardland....

  4. Gents, thanks for the kind words.

    Your Royal Highness, for us to have peace it merely needs your nation to cease its thefts of Republic land.