08 February 2009

5th Regiment, of Dragoons.

Nickname "The Bruises"

Raised 24 December 1737 from former Austrian, Hannoverian and Wuerttemberg cavalrymen. Active service in the Eastern Marches (1st Squadron), Arunta Uprising and the Dead Heart. Brigaded with 1st Horse. Garrisoned at The Springs.

Black coat, mid blue facings and shoulder strap, yellow metal buttons. The colours are not taken from the plumage of any bird, but were made from the cheapest cloth that the original colonel of the regiment could buy. Attempts to change the colours of the uniform, to conform to the army's tradition of copying the plumage of birds, have been steadfastly rejected. The heat of their garrison location has lead to the regiment only wearing thier coats for parades and guard mounts. They usually wear just their small clothes and, at times, have been reported as riding in shirt sleeves, but the regiment denies this.

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