17 February 2009

Nova Wien Dragoons

White cloth with mid blue facings, yellow metal buttons, red-edged-white waistcoat, straw-yellow leather breeches and and undecorated hat. Polished brown belts (officers' white). Dark blue shabracque with black harnessing. Two troops, armed as dragoons.
One of the earliest militia units raised, this unit started life as hired guards for the more affluent area of Ekaterinsburg. Before the formation of the 4th Dragoons it was considered an excellent choice for young men of means who wished to pursue a (part time) military career. It still draws recruits from the best families, but has recently relaxed requirements to admit the sons of wealthier tradespeople and "notable citizens". The imperial eagle on the flag is tolerated in the republic as a sign of the unit's history. The unit has seen some service, particularly in the Darwin Rebellions and in the Dead Heart.


  1. Interesting stuff Dal. BTW, I've sent an Ambassador, (Lady Amanda Hugankiss), of HUGANKISS BREWERY fame. Be nice to her.

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