07 February 2009

3rd Regiment of Foot "Townsville"

Dark Green facings, yellow metal buttons and yellow hat lace.

Formed on 15 March 1704 from militia companies and miners in and around Kunnanurra. The convoy in which the regiment was sailing to the Eastern Marches was sunk in a cyclone in 1709. Rumours began that the convoy was sunk by the Holy Mormoan Kingdom and the survivors were sold into slavery. The "wives" of the regiment left in Darwin demanded the right to serve in their mens' places, to exact revenge. After much debate and against fierce opposition, the government granted the request and the 1st Battalion was raised at Darwin on 01 January 1711. The 2nd Battalion was raised from women prisoners, "ladies of negotiable affection" and women debtors on 26 June 1711. Service in the Eastern Marches (distinguished at Port McQuarie) and the Marches Borders. Brigaded with the 4th REGT of Foot. Garrison: 1st Battalion O'Connell, 2nd Battalion Linlithgo.

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