08 February 2009

1st Regiment, of Horse.

Nickname "The Fried Eggs"
Officially raised on 15 March 2004, the regiment was first paraded by the then CO, Colonel Pieter de Gruyt, on 14 March. The regiment therefore claims to be the senior regiment in the army. Recruited from former cavlarymen in British, Dutch and Swedish service, the regiment has served in the Kimberlies, the Dead Heart, western Germany (where, in the pay of the Wendish League, it routed the 3rd Dragoons at Blasthoffen), Eastern Marches and Darwin Rebellion of 1728. Brigaded with the 5th Dragoons. Garrisoned in Darwin.

White coat, sulphur yellow facings and lace, white shoulder strap, blackened cuirass (officers' with a gold parliamentary star at the top centre) with sulphur yellow trim, red leather cuirass straps (officers with gold plates), yellow metal buttons.

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