19 February 2009

Freikorps du Jour

Grey cloth with mid blue facings, grey small clothes, yellow metal buttons and undecorated hat. Five companies.
Raised in 1699 as prison guards for the penal colony at Port Verdigris (now Port McQuarie), the five companies are usually deployed as two half battalions, to combat raids by natives, or by companies in support of the Dragon d'Cooma on border patrols. The original members came from the survivors of the Freedom War of 1707, who volunteered to serve on the border after the Battle of Beaver Ridge. Based at Cooma (1st and 3rd companies), Thredbo (2nd company) and Yass (4th and 5th companies). Have seen service in the Eastern Marches and Marches Borders. The 5th company claim to have captured a flag from Holy Kingdom raiders at Begaville, but the flag displayed at the unit barracks bears no resemblance to known Holy Kingdom flag designs.

1 comment:

  1. They might have taken a flag from one of our Militia units. They are quick to replace lost colours before it's noticed,..
    Do you have a picture of it?