08 February 2009

4th Regiment, of Dragoons.

Nickname "The Ponces"

Raised on 26 January 1713 from the sons of well to do personages in Ekaterinsburg and apprpriate volunteer gentlemen from the German states, France and the United Kingdom. This is the regiment in which the socially-aware young officer wishes to serve. The colonels and senior officers of this regiment are only drawn from the best families of the republic. Despite this, the regiment also has a very good combat record. This regiment is the only unit garrisoned in the capital. The Regiment has seen service in the Eastern Marches, The Darwin Rebellions of 1723 and 1728, the Arakun, Duchy of van Demon's Land, western Germany (in French pay) and southern Germany (in Austrian pay). The Regiment is not brigaded. Garrisoned in Ekaterinsburg.

Dark blue coat, crimson facings, mid blue shoulder strap, white metal buttons. Officers wear white leather, not crimson cloth, breeches, have silver lace on their button holes and belts and wear silver aigulettes on the right shoulder.

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