08 February 2009

Füß-Jäger Battalion
Madder red facings, dark green coat, white metal buttons, grey small clothes.
Raised as a single company on 01 December 1738, mainly from Pathan, Afghan and local Boori volunteers, the utility of these troops has seen the force expanded to a full battalion. The battalion has a special organisation of six companies, each consisting of four platoons of 50 men and a 10 man tracking section. Two of the companies are mounted and the other four serve on foot. The mounted troops use dragoon harnesses and shabraques.Most often used as a support to local milita forces investigating (if they did not not actually commit) crimes and for patrolling the borders of the republic. Has seen service in the Arunta uprising and Borneo and is constantly engaged on the Marches Borders. Platoons are garrissoned around the country, with a mounted company located at Thredbo.


  1. Your uniforms and flags are very inspirational and prompted me to redesign the uniforms and flags for the Reich Duchy of Beerstein. Thanks...Bill

  2. The blog format complements nicely your blog, for instance with these individual 'regimental files'.
    Keep regaling us!