17 February 2009

Dragons d'Cooma

Red cloth with white facings and black lace buttonhole loops, white turnbacks, white metal buttons, red waistcoat edged black, straw breeches and French style dragoon stocking cap with red base, white stocking and black decoration. White belts. Black shabraque edged white with black harnessing. Regiment of 3 squadrons, armed as dragoons.
Raised from the French citizens who did not join the ill fated exodus of settlers into Holy Kingdom lands after the Eastern Marches joined the Republic. The fate of their fellow countrymen inflamed those who stayed behind and the first two troops were formed and offered for militia service only two weeks after the Battle of Beaver Ridge. Since then recruiting parties have met every shipload of French settlers and their somewhat embroidered story has seen the regiment grow steadily. The regiment has seen service on the Marches Borders, western Germany and, unusually, in the Americas, where the 1st Squadron has been employed against natives and foreign colonies. This unit is considered to be as good as any of the regular units and has been hired out to several countries.


  1. Nothing is as sweet as revenge and these Dragoons look very capable of revenge!

  2. G'day, Bill.

    I'm rather pleased with that uniform. It came out much better than I expected.