08 February 2009

2nd Regiment, of Horse.

Nickname "The Maggies"

Raised on 15 March 1704, from horsemen recruited in Poland, Russia and the Baltic Provinces. Service in the Arakun, Kimberlies, the Dead Heart, Poland (in Russian pay) and van Demon's Land, where the regiment was sorely hurt by a volly fired by the 8th Regiment of Foot. Brigaded with the 3rd Dragoons. Garrisoned at O'Donnell and Yass (2nd Squadron).

White coat, black facings, lace and shoulder strap, blackened cuirass (officers' with a silver parliamentary star at the top centre) with white trim, black leather cuirass straps (officers with silver plates), white metal buttons. Musicians wear red coats with black facings and six white inverted chevrons on the sleeves.

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