18 February 2009

Freikorps McQuarie

Grey cloth with burnt orange facings, grey small clothes, white metal buttons and undecorated hat. Four companies.
Raised in 1721 by an English captain of the 67th Foot, who had taken retirement to the Eastern Marches while it was still a French colony and who had established a small settlement at the Port that now bears that name. This unit provides militia protection for the northern areas of the Eastern Marches. Companies are stationed at O'Connell, Linlithgow, Port McQuarie and the western districts of O'Donnell. Has seen service in the Eastern Marches, on the Marches Borders and was part of General McLaughlin's abortive plan to attack the Western Districts of the Holy Mormoan Kingdom, for which he was cashiered.


  1. These flags are nice additions!


  2. In regards to General McLaughlin. Was he cashiered because he had plans, or because they were aborted?

  3. G'day.

    Thanks. Jean-Louis. They do add a bit of character.

    Scotty, both- because he acted without orders from Parliament and then managed to stuff it up!



  4. Hi Dal
    Just goes to show, with Parliament you're damned if ya do, and damned if ya don't!