08 February 2009

6th Regiment, of Hussars.

Nickname "The WOFTAM's"

Taken into Parliamentary service on 19th February 1740. Active service in the Eastern Marches and on the Marches Borders. Not brigaded. Garrisoned at Kunnanurra.

Mid-blue dolman, pale yellow pelisse and facings, golden yellow braid. Mirliton black with deep blue wing and golden yellow lace. Fox fur trim to pelisse, yellow metal buttons. Hussar musicians wear red mirlitons and white dolmans, with dark blue swallow's nests, taped yellow, on both dolman and pelisse. The colours are not taken from the plumage of any bird, but are the colours of the arms invented for themselves by the Moore-Bull family, who raised the regiment during the last war with the Holy Mormoan Kingdom.

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