08 February 2009

3rd Regiment, of Dragoons.

Nickname "The Sprinters"

Raised 15th March 1704 from former cavalrymen recruited in northern German states and Swedish Pommerania. Has served in western Germany (in French pay), the Eastern Marches and on the Marches Borders. Was severely handled by the 1st Horse at Blasthoffen (the 1st was then in the pay of a group of minor German princelings), where it gained its nickname. The feud with the 1st Horse continues and the Regiments are not to be deployed in the same theatre. Brigaded with the 2nd Horse. Garrisoned by squadron at O'Connell, Linlithgo, Port McQuarie and Taree.

Dark green coat, scarlet facings, light green shoulder strap, yellow metal buttons.

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